Funded Jun’s bus rides to school

Mar 18.2022 | Fulfilling Dreams

   Jun is autistic and studies in a vocational school for comprehensive skills training. Several years ago, his father passed away due to illness. The family relied on the mother’s job selling chicken in the market. The pandemic and the competition among market food stalls have meant a decline in the chicken business leaving Jun short of bus money to school. On learning about the family situation, the Foundation funded Jun’s bus rides so that he could carry on going to school. Not good with social relations, Jun got help from his teacher to draw a thank you card with this written on the card: Thank you to the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for helping me get to school. I will master a skill and help those in need.” Jun’s dream is to start a tour bus company. He told the inspector, “One day I will take the Foundation staff out on my bus,” to which we reply, “Get your qualifications now and when you have your own tour bus company, we will ride on your bus.”