Gave De a makeover, a person with moderate intellectual disability, in undergoing a transformation and regaining self-confidence in work

Jan 25.2022 | Diversified Services

De has moderate learning difficulties, is single, and has no kids. The place that he lived in was sold by his extended family, and he ended up hanging about in the park and around the train station. His old rundown bicycle was recently picked up by a recycling old lady for cash. He was thus not able to travel far for jobs and left in difficult financial situations. The inspector, upon receiving the notification from the police, went to check on him and told him the nearby places that offered free meals. The inspector then followed up with two emergency relief aids to ease up his economic pressure and avoid having to sleep out during the cold front. The Foundation also funded his shoes, clothes, bicycle, everyday supplies, accompanied him on house hunting and lease signing trips, and later took him to get a haircut. The Foundation gave him a general makeover and he has recently got a job washing cars. Hopefully he has restored his confidence and will be able to face any obstacles ahead.