Funded Lan’s scooter for her vegetable selling business

Mar 29.2022 | Diversified Services

Lan, an immigrant to Taiwan, was injured in a scooter accident. We contacted our colleagues at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung and pooled funds together to buy some home-grown persimmons off Lan, while continuing to check on Lan’s recovery and job situation. Lan had every intention to get back to work. As soon as she was able to walk, she wanted to go out and sell her vegetables. But her scooter was damaged beyond repair. To help Lan get out and work, we bought a new scooter for her. The other day we visited her at her vegetables stand in the market and bought some greens and lemon grass off her. Now Lan is able to support herself economically whenever the vegetables are harvested for sale. At the end of our visit, Lan said, “Thank you to the Foundation for buying me a scooter so that I can be out and selling vegetables.” Lan truly cherished her scooter and protected it with cardboards all around it. The inspector reminded her to be extra careful from now on when riding the scooter.