Helped Fang re-open her noodle business

Mar 29.2022 | Fulfilling Dreams

Fang’s husband passed away many years ago, so Fang started to sell intestine noodles to raise her daughter with multiple disorders. At one point, the pandemic put her out of business. Once the pandemic abated, she somehow could not afford to buy the food ingredients like intestines and noodles to reopen the business. The inspector visited Fang in her kitchen and noticed that the hygiene of her cooking facilities was not up to standard. In order to uphold food safety, we requested the city government’s social welfare department to match us up with a cleaning company run by a welfare group for the disadvantaged people. We paid for top-notched cleaners to clean up Fang’s kitchen and noodle stand and explained to Fang the importance of hygiene and how to maintain it. After ascertaining the hygiene is good, the business was reopened as well as increasing revenue for a welfare group. It’s an example of one project, two beneficiaries.