Funded a new food truck to improve family income

Feb 23.2022 | Fulfilling Dreams

Qing is an immigrant, has a husband and two kids. The family lived in their ancestral home making and selling savory rice cakes, glutinous rice and glutinous meat balls at a food stand by the road. The Foundation funded their freezer in the leadup to the new year. After the new year holiday, the inspector noticed that their food truck was old, worn down, rusty, had no lid for the counter, and the thermos device was inefficient and unhygienic for the rice cakes plus insufficient ceramic bowls. The Foundation decided to buy them a new food truck and 100 new ceramic bowls. With a new food truck and a canopy, the family could keep their business open despite the rain or dust. The customers have shown more willingness to return now that the hygiene has been improved. Qing is now able to improve the family income with a better food truck business. She and her husband are both very thankful for the Foundation’s help.