No time to die for Mr. Guan

Feb 23.2022 | Diversified Services

While in his prime and before he turned 40, Mr. Guan started to receive dialysis due to sepsis and acute renal failure, followed by a hip joint surgery last year. Hit by one blow after another, Guan had thoughts of ending his life. Fortunately, the Foundation reached out in time and repeatedly offered him financial aid. In a subsequent visit by the inspector, Guan mentioned he would like to support himself by selling grilled chicken but could not afford the grills and food ingredients. Seeing that he had every intention to get back on his feet, the inspector helped him set up his business so that he would not end up in the street. Despite not earning much at the moment, the grilled chicken business was doing well enough to provide a steady income.
While chatting, Guan expressed his gratitude for the inspector’s reaching out in his lowest moments, offering words of comfort and getting him to shift his mindset and bravely face his challenges. The inspector advised him to take baking courses through the job center and see if baking was the path for him. He took the advice and felt more stabilized through action. At the baking class, when whiffs of bread emitted from the oven, he suddenly felt he was still quite lucky after all, thinking the divine force above must have something lined up for him. After that he stopped complaining. Though he didn’t become a baker in the end, he found his own path reproducing his diseased mother’s indigenous recipe for grilled chicken.