Chief with cancer had his life turned upside down

Apr 26.2022 | Diversified Services

Zeng, single, worked as a chef when he was younger. The job didn’t work out for him, so he quit and returned to his home in Hualian to work as a temporary laborer. He then had difficulty swallowing, went for a checkup, and was diagnosed with the gastroesophageal reflux disease. His condition did not improve after taking gastric medicine for a few months as prescribed by his doctor. He went for a gastroscopy in a larger hospital and was diagnosed with stage-3 esophageal cancer. According to the doctor’s assessment, he needed to have a gastrostomy to get his nutrients and energy by injecting three cans of Efione per day which is a huge expense for Zeng. Also with a 77-year-old mother to care for, Zeng’s family finance was in a dire situation. The Foundation offered him emergency relief funds and 10 boxes of Efione for nutrition supplement. We wish Zeng a speedy recovery.