Funded 90-year-old veteran’s new fridge

Apr 26.2022 | Fulfilling Dreams

The 90-year-old veteran, single, no kids, came to Taiwan in 1949, went through the civil war in China and the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis. He lives in a one-story house that he built himself in the deep mountains of Nantou. As his house is really far out, he travels to town only once a week to stock up on everyday supplies. Recently the compressor of his over-20-year-old fridge broke down and storing food had become impossible and a headache for the veteran.

The Foundation bought a new fridge for him, but because he lives so far out in the mountains, no suppliers that we contacted were willing to sell and carry it all the way into the mountains. A few days later, finally a business owner agreed to take it on even without charging the transportation fees, on hearing that we were buying it as a gift.

Now that the new fridge is set up, the veteran can keep his food fresh. This is our way of showing respect for a veteran who once fought in the war and protected our country. The veteran thanked us profusely in return. When the story was covered in printed and online media, the general public cheered for the veteran too.