Dong-Dong rose above poverty to land a job as electronic engineer

Apr 26.2022 | Helping Students Achieve

Dong-Dong’s father has mental health issues and could not provide for the family. His mother has some heart conditions and could only work odd jobs and do recycling for petty cash. Despite his family circumstances, Dong-Dong was a diligent student, kept his grades up and attended robot sports competitions. Seeing that Dong-Dong was a hard-working youth, had positive ideas about substantiating his credentials and acting towards his goals, the Foundation supported him with financial aid for five years till he completed his university and graduate school studies, as well as funding his notebook computer and tuition fees and relevant expenses. In the preface to his MA thesis, Dong-Dong thanked the Foundation for its five-year support that allowed him to work hard towards his dream without being pulled back. Dong-Dong is now an electric-vehicle software engineer in a famous electronic company.