Showered an elderly man with goodies

Jul 26.2022 | Diversified Services

The nearly 100-year-old gentleman lives with his second and forth sons and all three of them are jobless and poor. The gentleman is slow in his movement due to old age and deteriorating bodily functions. His commode chair is old with its chamber pot broken and replaced by an old plastic bucket. Their living room fan also broke down. His old age has resulted in poor teeth, ill chewing capabilities, swallowing difficulties and malnutrition. The inspector learned that he had been too frugal all his life to buy himself something decent to eat, let alone a nice meal in a grand hotel. The family finances were in a bad state. So the inspector contacted Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung and requested a customized meal suitable for the gentleman, besides buying him a new chamber pot, commode chair, nutritional food products and two fans.