Funded temporary house rental for Wang whose house collapsed in earthquake

Jan 17.2023 | Fulfilling Dreams

The 2022 Taitung Earthquakes caused multiple ruptures on Ms. Wang’s house plus collapsed ceilings and shifted foundations. The house has been assessed by specialists to be unfit for habitation. For safety reasons, the house has been cordoned off and the family urgently relocated to stay with their relatives.

As their old house was not fit for habitation, the entire family had nowhere to go. They were also troubled by the added problem of imminent house dismantling and rebuilding. Wang finally found a house to rent in an indigenous tribe but could not secure the lease as they were required to pay for a full year of rent upfront. Anxious about the lease, they were referred to the Foundation by the township office and received funds to pay for a year of rent. Now they have a place to stay for the time being, they patiently await their house to be rebuilt on the same site.