Funded Wu’s prosthesis so that she can live a happy school

Feb 01.2023 | Fulfilling Dreams

   Wu, a schoolgirl born with only left leg (only three toes) and no arm, is blessed with a loving family who has been taking very good care of her and giving her a very healthy, sound and happy upbringing. Despite her physical limitations and having to write using her left foot, she is optimistic and gets on with other students in her school.
As she is still growing, her old prosthetic leg no longer fits. Her doctor evaluated her case and recommended her disarticulation prosthesis and trans humeral prosthesis have to be rebuilt. But her father could not afford them as his own business didn’t work out. The social worker at the hospital notified the Foundation of Wu’s case and the Foundation has since funded Wu’s new prosthesis, which is now in good use and supporting Wu in all capacities. We wish her good health and all the best in life.