Helped Sun survive the winter with emergency funds and supplies

Feb 02.2023 | Diversified Services

Mr. Sun, single, has no kids, lives in a rented property, is barely literate with only a few years’ education in elementary school. He could only find low-wage jobs like manual work. Cleaning. A few years ago, he had a scooter accident and ended up with a left lower leg fracture, followed by a fall from the stairs in a construction site resulting in injuries on both feet and a fracture on the left knee. After that, he was given dramatically fewer assignments. For the past three years, the pandemic has practically put him out of work.

When the inspector visited him, there happened to be a cold front passing through Taiwan. The inspector was startled to see Sun wearing only a flimsy long-sleeve garment. When asked if he felt cold, he replied, “Getting a bit of sun will keep out the cold…” There was not one coat in his wardrobe, only two thin polo shirts, plus a very thin summer blanket on the bed and an old second-hand electric cooker with its plug broken and detached, which he could not afford to replace.

 The inspector offered Sun emergency relief funds, bought him a blanket, two winter coats, thick underwear, an electric cooker, a kettle and festive dishes to help him survive the winter and have a happy new year celebration.