"One Act of Charity, Double the Love" - Small Cloth, Big Compassion

Mar 22.2023 | Diversified Services

 Recently, Taiwan has been grappling with global inflation, affecting all aspects of life. Small business owner Xiao Yu, who sells cleaning supplies such as dishcloths and cleaning cloths in the market, feels the impact keenly. Keeping prices unchanged may result in losses for her, while raising prices might scare away customers and further worsen business. It's truly a dilemma!

 However, Xiao Yu faces an even more distressing issue lately. Diagnosed with cancer, she cannot work during chemotherapy. This has led to problems with rent, medical expenses, and living expenses. Xiao Yu, who originally had no savings despite working hard to make ends meet, is now not only worried about her health but also struggling to figure out what to do.

After chemotherapy and surgery, in order to make a living, Xiao Yu quickly puts on a corset and sets up her stall. The inspector provides short-term assistance to give her a breather. Additionally, thinking about the cleaning products that Xiao Yu sells, the inspector suggests that they might be needed by the "Cleaning Masters Work Team" of the Maria Social Welfare Foundation, an organization that assists people with disabilities in finding employment through home cleaning projects. So, the inspector buys several hundred sets of cleaning products from Xiao Yu to donate to the Maria Social Welfare Foundation, unleashing the power of "One Act of Charity, Double the Love"!

A few days before the donation event, Xiao Yu unfortunately gets into a car accident, resulting in multiple fractures. Despite this, she insists on personally delivering the batch of cleaning products to the Maria Social Welfare Foundation. Seeing that the cleaning masters with disabilities can better fulfill their roles at work thanks to the donated cleaning supplies, Xiao Yu says, "I never thought that the little things I sell could help others. I'm truly delighted!"