"One Act of Charity, Double the Love" - Charity and Spring Rain

Apr 11.2023 | Diversified Services

Ailing Ah Jiao, from a financially struggling family, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. However, due to the elders' frugality, the house had accumulated a mountain of miscellaneous items collected from the outside. The living conditions were deplorable, with mice, cockroaches, and flies as constant companions. The narrow walkway allowed only one person to pass through, making it an unhygienic, cramped, and foul-smelling environment unsuitable for recovery. Ah Jiao was troubled, unable to clean up the mess, and stuck in a distressing situation.

In the central region, the Maria Foundation's expert cleaning team, comprised of individuals with disabilities, provides guidance to many trainees with disabilities to work as cleaners. This initiative not only fosters the trainees' self-confidence but also enables them to earn some money to supplement their households.

Although Ah Jiao and the cleaning team seemed unrelated, a subsidy and clever matchmaking by the inspector facilitated these trainees to help clean Ah Jiao's home. They managed to clear an entire truckload of rubbish, transforming Ah Jiao's living space into a clean environment conducive to healing. The trainees with disabilities, after hard and sweaty cleaning work, gained both wages and self-affirmation, creating a win-win situation — one act of charity, double the love!

The inspector personally believes that charity is akin to spring rain. Gentle spring rain is the collective hope of all things, quenching the thirst of fields, rejuvenating rivers, and nurturing grasslands to lush greenery. Similarly, charity, like spring rain, nurtures and supports the vulnerable. Just as the world becomes less lonely with the presence of spring rain, charity and spring rain accompany people and the earth delicately and continuously. With timely and sustained care, spring rain provides nourishment, and charity finds its purpose!