Heartwarming Gifts Await

Jan 13.2022 | Diversified Services

Did you know? Vietnam also celebrates Lunar New Year🧧. It is locally known as New Year's Day, and has similar customs to Taiwan’s, including dedicating offerings to the gods, reunion meals at home, visiting friends and family🫂, giving gifts, giving red envelopes to children, etc. In the minds of Vietnamese friends, Lunar New Year is still the biggest and most highly anticipated event in the whole year.

Ping previously lived in Ho Chi Minh City. When she was a kid, her entire family had a yearning to live in Taiwan. Her dad sold everything and moved the entire family to Taiwan🛫. A few years, they had their dream come true and were naturalized as Taiwan citizens🌈. All seemed to go well in the beginning. Two years ago, her dad was forced to quit his job due to his heart condition. The entire family relied on the mother’s wages from a factory🏭 and barely scraped by.

In her many years in Taiwan, Ping finds it rather cold during Taiwan’s lunar new year🥶 probably due to the relatively colder weather in Taiwan than in Vietnam. The holiday season is shy of buzzing without the father’s energetic laughter and the family misses the holiday vibe in Vietnam. Learning of this, the Foundation’s inspector visited the family with a gift packet printed with “Chúc mừng năm mới” plus some cash to upgrade the new year’s dinner bash and for the kids’ red envelop money so that the entire family🍬 could better enjoy the new year 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧celebration.