Complete the bucket list for the single mom with terminal cancer

Jul 21.2016 | Fulfilling Dreams

Soon after Ying got rid of her violent husband through the divorce, she discovered that she had terminal breast cancer. Faced with one after another of life’s blows, she chose to bravely face them all head-on. Despite her financial struggles in raising her daughter all alone, she carried on showering her with plenty of motherly love and was thankful for the Foundation’s timely support. Besides in-person visits and the financial aid, the inspector also helped her take stock of things she would like to do in her final stage of life so that she could have no regret.

Sadly, Ying knew she would be missing out on her daughter growing up. Encouraged by the inspector, she wrote out well-wishing cards addressed to her daughter for every key occasion to be experienced in the future like her elementary school graduation day, junior high school graduation day and her 18th birthday and so on. The inspector also helped Ying make a video in which she expressed her love to the daughter, and the video can be kept forever and accessed whenever the daughter misses Ying.

One last wish that Ying had was a stay with her daughter in a five-star hotel. Upon learning this, the inspector contacted Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) which then offered to treat the family to a two-night stay with gourmet foods. Their room was also decorated with a Christmas theme and filled with exquisite presents prepared by the hotel and the inspector. Though Ying’s health condition did not allow her to venture outdoors, the hotel’s teppanyaki, breakfast buffet and classic dishes in Evergarden Chinese Restaurant, with its warm get-together ambience had worked magic and remained as the mother and daughter’s fondest memories.

The inspector and the hotel staff even played board games with the daughter who was otherwise finding the whole thing too much of a burden to carry. With everyone’s love and help, she was then able to smile the way a little girl at her age was entitled to. Ying was then able to momentarily forget about her illness. Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) stated: holidaying in a five-star hotel was not too difficult for many people, but when one is faced with the dual challenge of financial difficulties and health issues, it would instantly become out of reach. Fortunately, with Evergreen staff’s love and efforts, the mother and daughter got to enjoy an unprecedented and happy final holiday.