Help an indigenous family back on the feet

Mar 03.2015 | Economic Self-Sufficiency

Ann and her family are a Truku family living in Hualian. The family consists of seven people: the parents and five children. Ann was born with cerebral palsy and paralysis due to a lack of oxygen during childbirth and has been cared for by his parents from an early age. Since the father’s job contract ended, he has been the stay-at-home caregiver for Ann, while the mother works as a cashier in a hypermarket. With their limited income plus expenses for nursing supplies, life has not been easy on them. Ann’s elementary school notified the Foundation of their situation, and the Foundation has since been giving the family financial support.

While the family is under the care of the Foundation, Ann’s old sputum suction machine and sputum nebulizer have broken down one after another. Because they are not aged enough for replacement according to government regulations, the new assistive devices have to be purchased out of their own pocket. In this case, the Foundation decides to cover all the fees for the replacements, so that the parents need not worry about it.

Ann’s father said to the inspector, “Before the Foundation came along, my wife and I got no help from anyone and had no idea where to seek help. That sense of helplessness was driving us to exhaustion. Now with your help, we know we are not alone. We know the Foundation is here to help and see us through.”

Besides providing long-term living allowances and paying off medical arrears, the Foundation also checks on Ann on a regular basis to make sure Ann is looked after every step of the way. March this year, Ann’s family successfully obtained two low-income statuses. With the government benefits and the mother’s income, the family will be able to cover all expenses and get their life back on track. So Ann’s father asked the Foundation to stop giving them financial support saying, “This year, we would not have made it without the help of the Foundation. Though the future still looks tough ahead, we are already back on our feet, so we hope to yield such precious resources to those poor families that need them more than we do. We are very thankful for the Foundation’s time and help.” "