Helped student from outlying islet to study in Taiwan

May 24.2017 | Helping Students Achieve

Taiwan is an island that boasts easy access to anywhere with convenient and multiple means of transportation to choose from. But residents on its outlying islet, Penghu, surrounded by sea, have only two options of transportation: boats and airplanes, to get them to other islets or to Taiwan. Both boats and airplanes are more costly and subject to the weather conditions, therefore, not always very convenient. For students who need to study and progress to their next stage of education, leaving their hometown for better education is the norm, as rural areas often lack education resources. Students in rural Penghu often have to go to Taiwan or to Magong for senior high school education or above.

Shan-Shan lives in Penghu’s Qimei. Her father is hospitalized for his depression treatment. Her mother and sister both have their own health issues. The parents have some trouble at work causing a strain on the family’s economic situation. Despite the financial difficulties, Shan-Shan is independent and studies diligently. She goes to a high school in Magong and is fully committed to her schoolwork. From an early age, she has set her mind on studying in a university in Taiwan, a promise to herself that she has fulfilled.

Seeing how far she has come, Shan-Shan is most grateful for the Foundation’s help and support. Despite the significance between Qimei and Penghu and Taiwan, the Foundation has helped bridge the gap so that she could focus on her studies. She told herself to pay back Evergreen’s founder by achieving top grades. What is most memorable to Shan-Shan was the meet-up between Founder Chang and the supported families, a gathering hosted by the Foundation in 2012, where she met Chang in person and received his words of encouragement. Founder Chang’s compassion, charisma and helping those in dire situations will forever stay with her, and she hopes to one day follow suit and pay it forward.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation offers long-standing support to underprivileged students by covering their tuition fees and everyday expenses so that they could focus on their studies and have a chance to get out of poverty by securing a job after graduation. These students are given a new lease of life and need not give up their dreams because of their family circumstances.