Long-term support leads to a job in semiconductor design

Oct 29.2021 | Helping Students Achieve

Xia’s parents divorced when he was a kid. Xi lives with his mother. The economic pressure drove his mother to psychosis and caused her to be unfit for jobs. There was not always food on the table and instant noodles were a treat. Xia ended up in foster care. He eventually got admitted to university but had to quit university to work for a year.

The Foundation has been supporting Xia with long-term financial aid since his fourth year in university so that he could focus on his studies. In the same year, Xia came on top at a fiercely competitive graduate school admission exam attended by several hundred others. And later he even received the Best MA Thesis Award. Now he has successfully secured a semiconductor job much coveted and envied by all, putting an end to a life in poverty.