Sent relief supplies to a 1,200 m mountain

Jan 25.2022 | Diversified Services

Jiao is of an indigenous tribe living and raising her two young grandchildren in Renai Township, Nantou County at an altitude of over 1,200 meters. The temperatures are lower in high altitude areas and even more so during the cold front. Jiao said to the Inspector, “I sleep on wooden planks under a thin blanket with two kids, so the blanket is not big or warm enough. We are all very cold at night.” To keep the family warm and have a good lunar new year in the tribe, on the day of a cold front when the temperature dropped to 4 to 11 degrees Celsius, the Foundation, accompanied by a local police officer, brought them three blankets, two mattresses, one electric heater, one electric hot water dispenser, festive dishes, festive gift packs and rice so that the family could feel the love of a kind, compassionate society.