Sponsored classroom projectors and disaster prevention educational seminars

Nov 20.2017 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation donated NT$20 million for the rescue relief of the collapsed Tainan Weiguan apartment complex and pushed for a series of disaster prevention tasks including sponsoring Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association’s rescue dogs so that they can perform to their maximum capacity in large-scale disasters. Additionally, the Foundation has many times conducted disaster prevention educational seminars in southern Tainan. Today (20th), the Foundation conducted a disaster prevention educational seminar at Tainan Haidong Elementary School to promote concept regarding disaster prevention and search and donated 10 single-gun projectors worth a total of NT$200,000 to help Haidong Elementary School elevate their info facilities and improve teaching quality.

The Foundation invited the rescue personnel of the Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association to come along to the educational seminar today and outline to the students the importance of disaster prevention. A number of rescue dogs were also on hand to demonstrate the search mission and finding the injured among the rubbles. When the rescue dogs successfully sniffed out the injured victims played by the students, the audience of 500 students broke into thunderous applause. This shows that students should start receiving disaster prevention education from an early age.

The Foundation also noticed that the classroom projectors in Haidong Elementary School have reached their replacement dates but the school was short on funds. So the Foundation donated 10 single-gun projectors to the school to raise teachers’ teaching quality and students’ learning results. Liu Zhen-Lin, principal of Haidong Elementary School, stated, “Thank you to the Foundation for funding the new projectors giving students better learning results. And the disaster prevention educational seminar has been a unique experience for the students, particularly the interaction with rescue dogs which have all deepened their impression of disaster prevention and relief. The Foundation pointed out, “The disaster prevention seminar is delivered to be both informative and entertaining. We hope every student in the seminar will become a disaster prevention expert and pass on what they’ve learned today to their family and friends so that everyone is equipped with the relevant information. Digital learning is already the new trend in education. By way of replacing the old equipment we hope to diversify the education content and enable teachers to teach according to individual needs, able to update teaching methods and content at any time for the goal of best learning results. "

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been dedicated to education in remote rural areas, and in recent years, has intermittently matched up with companies in the Evergreen Group to donate over 400 personal computers, servers, i-Pad and classroom projectors in remote rural schools in Hsinchu, Miaoli, Yunlin and Pingtung, as well as calling on businesses in all sectors to follow suit. The goal is to combine resources to help bridge the urban-rural educational gap among school children.