Love Xizhi Charity Association

Jan 05.2022 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

The weak resources to support education in disadvantaged families often results in low academic achievement, deviant behavior, and even future social problems. Love Xizhi Charity Association mainly provides academic counseling and living support for children of economically disadvantaged single parents, intergenerational and marginalized families to help prevent these children from falling into a cycle of poverty due to lack of educational resources.

The children are referred by the neighboring elementary schools, and the Association provides life, character and academic counseling, as well as meals, so that the children can have a place to do their homework and study without worrying about their stomachs going hungry. In addition, the Association has also been providing meals, material donations, and solitary elderly cohabitation services to help many families in need.

Therefore, the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has sponsored the Association's after-school classes and operating expenses to help turn the education of these children around. The Foundation's Chairman, Mr. Wu Ching-Ming, also personally led his staff to care for the children and staff in the classroom, offering them support and encouragement. Chairman Liu Wei-Lin expressed that donations reduced during the epidemic, and he was grateful to the Foundation for its timely assistance to make up for the shortfall, so that all the staff and families could feel the warmth and help of the society.

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