Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation sponsored Keelung’s solitary elders amid pandemic-caused donation reduction to charities

Jul 15.2020 | Promote Senior Citizen Long Term Care

Many charities were reportedly receiving less donation due to the pandemic. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation however has not cut back on their relief funds to charities. This is its third consecutive year sponsoring Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s Guarding the Mature Angels project, i.e., funding the care expenses for 20 elders living alone in Keelung and New Taipei City for the entire year, amounting to NT$300,000 in total.

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s Keelung director, Yan Ti-Wu, said, “We are not receiving many donations from the general public this year. So we are particularly thankful for the Foundation’s continuous help. We also hope that the folks will help us out with any amount of donation, and we even take Stimulus Vouchers too.” The pandemic having affected the economy this year, the elders living alone were also bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s economic impact. The 73-year-old widow, surnamed Hung, living alone in Keelung’s Qidu has an only child who is being treated for oral cancer. Suddenly having no one to support her, she has in recent years suffered from acute vision degeneration and rarely ventured out of her house. The gas stove that she depended on for her home cooking had broken down beyond repair. On learning of this, the Foundation instantly donated a gas stove and replaced her old kitchen ventilator. The day when the Foundation arrived with the goodies happened to be Hung’s 74th birthday. Everyone sang her a happy birthday song and made her really happy.

The Foundation cares about elders in all corners of society by dispatching personnel to check on them in person and also working with Huashan Social Welfare Foundation to extend our services. Our sponsorship shall not be reduced owing to the pandemic. We hope to instill hope in social welfare groups in dire need of funds. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been dedicated to the care of disadvantaged elderly groups. Besides funding social welfare groups’ expenses, we also donate warm clothing and buses for long-term care purposes, take care of elders’ basic medical supplies and everyday needs and host outings to Evergreen Maritime Museum, concerts and festive activities to substantialize their social life and give comprehensive physical and mental health care.