Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation teamed up with the Veterans’ Service Department of Taipei to host a Dragon-Boat Festival party for elderly veterans

Jun 18.2020 | Promote Senior Citizen Long Term Care

Now that the pandemic has been lifted and the Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner, the Foundation joined hands with the Veterans’ Service Department of Taipei and organized the Dragon Boat Festival themed “Hi Life High Life for all Stages of Life” charity event on June 18 at Evergreen Maritime Museum in a bid to encourage the elders who have been stuck at home due to the pandemic to venture out and chat with friends. The event presented interesting stories about ships, exquisite banquets and five-star Zhongzi (glutinous rice) from Evergreen Laurel Hotel, and a karaoke session. The elders all had a fantastic time.

Mr. Song, aged 102, said with a smile, “This is wonderful. I have not seen my old pals for ages. I’ve had a great time today.” The elders were all sharing their stories of having to line up to buy the masks and complained about the pandemic putting everything out of whack and messing up their daily routines. Chi Yu-Lan, director of Veterans’ Service Department of Taipei, said, “Thank you to the venue and expense sponsorship by eight groups including Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, Veterans and Dependents Foundation, Shin-Fu Natural Gas and Shin-Shin Natural Gas, which made it possible for the elders to visit the maritime museum for the first time and enjoy supreme gourmet food in a five-star hotel.

Evergreen Maritime Museum also arranged for seasoned specialist volunteers to guide the elders through the diverse exhibition in the museum. The Foundation hopes that these events will make the elders feel happy and blissful and reconnect with each other. The karaoke during the dinner really had the elders open up and sing their hearts out. They enjoyed it so much that it took some cajoling for some people to leave the stage. It was a bustling happy scene enjoyed and long missed by all. Singing fended off the doom and gloom of the pandemic and made the elders willing to step out of their homes, which made the hard work all worth it.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, as early as the beginning of the pandemic breakout, bought 1,000 crates of tangors from small-scale independent farmers in Hsinchu’s Ermei to distribute to over 100 regional service associations, orphanages, and institutions for people with mental and physical disabilities. The Foundation also worked with Eva Air and Evergreen Steel to donate supplies to 10 plus organizations that have got their donations reduced due to the pandemic. We also increase relief funds for disadvantaged students and people in emergency need and donate a total of over NT$7 million in a gesture to help people out of their adversities.