Eva Air and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation donated computers and inflight products

Jun 12.2020 | Charity Care Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged across the globe dealing a severe blow to all sectors. Eva Air caught up in a tough adversity still managed to give back to society and donated 130 computers and a batch of inflight items to distribute to 101 social welfare groups, long-term care institutions, disadvantaged families and organizations for people with physical and mental disabilities through Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, so that their act of love was not put on hold by the pandemic. The donation ceremony was held on June 12 at the Hualian County Social Welfare Hall attended by Zhang Yi-Hua, director of Social Affairs Department and deputy secretary-general of Hualian County Government. Also present at this heartwarming event were the beneficiaries -- Yuli Zhencheng Community Development Association, Wanrong Elders Group and Zhuoxi Township Zhuoxi Community Development Association, which also expressed their gratitude.

Prompted by its business development and market demands, Eva Air incrementally upgrades their computer equipment and replace inflight comfort items. These out-of-service computers were still quite decent in their exteriors and functions and the replaced inflight goodies including crystal cups and theft-proof locks, were mostly brand-new and donated to social welfare groups and low-income families in Hualian County. Considering that all businesses were affected by the pandemic and needed a boost, the Foundation also sponsored the transportation fees for the delivery of the supplies to Hualian.

Zhang Yi-Hua, director of Social Affairs Department and deputy secretary-general of Hualian County Government, stated, “Thank you to Eva Air and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for this batch of supplies which will be distributed to local groups and disadvantaged families in Hualian to shape a friendly info equipment environment and bridge the digital gap among the low- and mid-income families and disadvantaged children and teens. Such an arrangement is beneficial to the county government’s promulgation of long-term care services while giving functional resources a renewed purpose.” The foundation said that the pandemic, since its outbreak, had put many people on wage-less leave; many had suffered from job loss and reduced income; social welfare groups had also faced a sharp decline in funding. Besides reaching out to these disadvantaged families and social welfare groups with economic relief, the Foundation also worked with Eva Air to offer a whole host of supplies to help the overlooked disadvantaged groups through this pandemic.

The pandemic has not only affected people’s life but also diminished people’s willingness to donate funds or supplies. Adhering to the spirit of giving back to society as an enterprise, Eva Air donated through the Foundation over NT$100,000 worth of supplies in the first half of this year including office equipment, inflight foods and supplies, computer equipment to help out the social welfare groups and disadvantaged families. The Foundation will continue to converge resources from all sectors and deliver them to those who need them the most and shower society with love.