Evergreen Steel gifted social welfare groups with computers

May 04.2020 | Charity Care Activities

Evergreen Steel’s Tainan Xinying plant held a computer donation ceremony and donated 54 computers and 93 monitors to seven local social welfare groups in Tainan through the help of Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation to improve administrative efficiency and also to call on all sectors to carry on giving to the charity even during the pandemic. In response to new operation demand, Evergreen Steel needs to replace their old computers, thus giving 54 personal computer servers and 93 monitors to seven local social welfare groups in Tainan including Zhaoxing Power Activation Center, St. Raphael Opportunity Center and Luway Opportunity Center to add to their computer equipment and improve administrative efficiency and service quality. General Manager Pang-En Liu of Evergreen Steel Corporation personally attended the event, and representatives from the charity group were also present to receive the donation. The atmosphere was warm and dignified, and on the day of the event, the general manager led the employees to assist in loading the computers and screens onto the vehicles, which touched the hearts of the charity group's workers.

Liu stated that finding new owners for this batch of computers was a way to renew the product life of resources and also to maximize the value of computers, not only helping the disadvantaged groups but also contributing to the environmental protection, and most importantly, to turn love and care into actual action and instill more warmth into society. The Foundation’s service spans the entire country, acting as a bridge between the Evergreen Group's subsidiary companies and charity groups. We hope to create larger value than the two organizations combined. St. Raphael Opportunity Center’s section chief said that given limited resources at our institution, people often have to share one computer, but now these computers have come at the right time to cater to our needs, improve administrative efficiency and allow our cases to receive intelligence rehabilitation. Evergreen Steel has donated personal computers and supplies to a number of charity groups and remote rural schools through the help of the Foundation and shall continue to do so in the future to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in the spirits of cherishing all resources and environmental sustainability.