Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation donated 1,000 crates of tangors to social welfare groups in Hsinchu County

Feb 24.2020 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

Hsinchu County’s Ermei Township had a great harvest of tangors this year which were juicy and sweet. But the need to give people presents declined after the Lunar New Year holiday. Also, schools of all levels postponed resuming the class after the holiday dose to the pandemic. When there was no purchase need for the school meals, the tangor sales went straight down. Currently, many thousands of tonnes of tangors on the farm are waiting to be picked, causing a strain on farmers in remote rural areas.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, to save the farmers from having their harvest ruined, purchased 1,000 crates (25,000 tkg) of tangors and distributed them to over 100 community long-care centers, orphanages, and institutions for people with mental and physical disabilities to benefit disadvantaged elders and folks and to reward the hard-working front-line social workers in institutions. On February 24, the “From tangors with love” donation ceremony at the Hsinchu County Government attended by Major, Yang Wen-Ke; Social Affairs Department Director, Li Guo-Lu; Agricultural Affairs Department, Chiu Shi-Chang; Ermei Township Farmers’ Association Director-General, Xu Yao-Ming, and Chief of Staff, Chen Guan-Yi; Orange Production and Marketing Group Chief, Li Wan-Kun; Hsiang Yuan Home for the Disabled Director, Huang Hui-Yu.

The tangors grown in Hsinchu County’s Ermei Township were plummeting in sales. On hearing of this, the Foundation contacted the farmers about buying tangors from them. The anxious farmers finally broke into a smile. A farmer from Ermei Township said that the pandemic had dampened the market. If it were to go on like this, our entire year’s hard work would have gone to waste. Luckily charitable groups showed up in time. Huang Hui-Yu, Director of Hsiang Yuan Home for the Disabled (the Home) also said that given the limited budgets, to enjoy such high-quality fruit was a luxury for the Home. Huang added the general public often gave us what they could, but for anyone to keep the social workers in their consideration had boosted the morale of our front-line staff. Chen Yi-Fang, director of Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation, said in her speech that when our kids at the institution heard that people are giving us oranges, they were over the moon, jumping up and down. The kids said, “When the pandemic is taking all the spotlight, there are still people that care about us. So grateful.”

Hsinchu County Mayor, Yang Wen-Ke, said, “Thank you to Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for offering emergency financial relief to folks in our county, funding disadvantaged students’ breakfast on a long-term basis, teaming up with the Evergreen Group's companies to donate computers, cutleries and now donating tangors to the social welfare groups. We are very touched.” The Foundation stated, “We hope that by buying fruit from farmers in remote rural areas and then giving them to front-line social workers and the disadvantaged folks, we are imparting a positive force into society and dispersing the stress caused by the pandemic. Let’s stand together against the pandemic and hope Taiwan will soon be freed of its impact.” Ermei Township Farmers’ Association Chief of Staff, Chen Guan-Yi, pointed out, “Ermei-grown tangors are rich in Vitamins, sweet and juicy, great as a boost to the immune system and a great value for money. There are still many dozens of thousands of crates to be sold. Special thanks to Chang Jung Fa Foundation for making a purchase to appeal for more orders from other enterprises and folks. Please call Ermei Township Farmers’ Association on 03-5800216 to place your order.