Visited Datong centenarian barber

Jul 30.2019 | Charity Care Activities

The 101-year-old barber, surnamed Lin, has a barber shop in Datong District for over 60 years serving customers across three generations. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation and Huashan Social Welfare Foundation helped Lin celebrate Father’s Day in advance. Lin came from Fuzhou China alone and worked as a barber ever since. He has no kids. His wife passed away 56 years ago. Cutting customers’ hair has become the focus of his life. Despite his degenerating physical conditions, he keeps his shop running, armed with three pairs of scissors.

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation (shortened to Huashan) has been serving Lin for seven years; its volunteers and manager pay him regular visits, forming a close bond with him. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation got to meet Lin through Huashan and together they paid Lin a visit in Lin’s barber shop. Lin took everyone on a tour of his shop going through all the trophies and pictures hanging on the wall. Lin also showed off his hair cutting skills. For his Father’s Day present, Huashan and the Foundation gifted Lin with a new bedding pack giving his room a makeover and shower him with love from society.