Yulin beneficiaries thanked Eva Air and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation's joint donation of furniture and computer supplies

Jun 27.2019 | Charity Care Activities

As a gesture of goodwill, Eva Air donated to 68 long-term care centers, community care stations, schools and local social welfare groups in Yunlin 320 wardrobes, 135 computers and 22 couches through Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation in a bid to extend the use of resources. On June 27, the Eva Air supply donation ceremony was held at the Yunlin County Government, attended by Mayor Zhang Li-Shan along with over 10 beneficiary groups including Yulin Wukuai Community Development Association’s secretary-general Huang Ma-Li. Due to operation demands, Eva Air needs to replace certain company supplies like the flight crew’s wardrobes, office computers and couches in VIP rooms. Considering that these objects, though no longer in service are still in good condition in terms of their exteriors and functions, Eva Air plans on donating them to social welfare groups. Eva Air then contacted Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation which is in constant contact with the department of social affairs in various cities and counties. With the coordination of Yunlin County Government’s Social Affairs Department, 320 wardrobes were forwarded to social welfare groups and the Foundation paid for the NT$250,000 transportation fees to have the supplies delivered.

Yunlin County Mayor Zhang Shan-Li, said, “The wardrobes will be delivered to schools, long-term care centers, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, disadvantaged immigrant families, and institutions for people with physical and mental disabilities. People in these places can then hang up their clothes in the wardrobes. The computers will be for the use of the associations and for the elders’ groups. The comfortable couches will be for the folks to sit on when they come to the office. These supplies are really useful.” Yulin Wukuai Community Development Association’s secretary-general Huang Ma-Li stated, “This batch of computers will be very useful for single mothers and children raised by their grandparents who need to learn robot programming languages. Thank you to the donations by Eva Air and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, as well as the Yunlin County Government for dispatching personnel to coordinate and obtain resources for all departments.” "

The Foundation stated, “Eva Air has been for many years in a row donating through the Foundation furniture, iPad, computer equipment, inflight cutleries and other supplies. Eva Air intends to work hard towards environmental sustainability, turn love into physical action and make society a nicer place. The Foundation plays the role of a platform, matches supply and need, and needs, and facilitates the match with funding. Seeing the beneficiaries breaking into a smile or the disadvantaged youngsters having their dream come true, it’s clear that we have maximized the value of these resources. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has for a long while intermittently coordinated the resources of Evergreen Marine, Eva Air, Evergreen Laurel Hotels and donated over 100,000 pieces of supplies to charities, remote rural schools and families going through adversities. In the future, we will carry on working with all sectors of society. Together let’s give love and do good for public causes.