Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation sponsors 20 elders that live alone in Keelung, and New Taipei City through Huashan Social Welfare Foundation

Apr 19.2019 | Promote Senior Citizen Long Term Care

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation (shortened to Huashan) has for two consecutive years sponsored 20 elders that live alone in Keelung and New Taipei City in response to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s “Thanks to you” event. The sponsorship amounts to NT$300,000 in total. The Foundation also visited the elders in their homes and supported Hushan’s imminent event, “Loving the elders fund-raising garden party” due to take place in Keelung Maritime Plaza on May 18. The Foundation took the lead and sponsored 100 garden party vouchers as an appeal to society to join in on the fun.

Grandma Tsai, aged 90, lives in Renai District, Keelung, has been cared for by Huashan Social Welfare Foundation since her husband died. For 14 years, Huashan staff has been visiting her regularly, accompanying her on hospital treatment, and giving her festive packets. Huashan staff recently learned that Grandma Tsai’s house was humid and damp, worsening her muscle soreness and started to seek supply donations for her. The Foundation thus donated a dehumidifier to help her through the rainy season. The Foundation said that the “Loving the elders fund-raising garden party” Huashan Social Welfare Foundation due to take place on May 18 in Keelung Maritime Plaza is currently seeking vendors for their stalls. And Huashan requires 80 volunteers to help out at the venue. All and sundry are welcome. The sponsorship of garden party vouchers will be open soon, costing NT$100 each. Voucher sponsors can also take part in a raffle with over 100 items in the draw. Voucher sponsors can of course use the vouchers at the garden party themselves or give them to elders that live alone. About 100 disadvantaged elders will be invited to attend and feel the love of society.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been committed to the care of disadvantaged elders, funding social welfare groups that serve elders, donated vehicles for long-term care in remote rural areas, warm coats, hosted visits to the maritime museum, concerts and festive meals for Dragon Boat Festival and Elders’ Day celebration, plus winter dinners and dementia prevention road running competitions with the view of creating a loving friendly society.