【Love carries on; Combat the pandemic together】

Jun 16.2021 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

This year the severe pandemic has impacted and changed our life in many ways. Students in elementary school and junior high schools have all stopped coming to school through to summer vacations in line with the government’s pandemic prevention policies. The Foundation has been sponsoring the Holy Word Foundation Children's Home (the Children’s Home) for some time. The Children’s Home housed 20 children and teens aged 7 to 16. We were informed on the phone that the pandemic had dampened the donation for funds and supplies.

On hearing this, the Foundation’s chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, instantly instructed the purchase of daily supplies and foods to be delivered to the Children’s Home at speed, hoping to give them a stable environment to live in and that their growth would not be impeded by the pandemic.

We believe the sun will shine after the storm. The Foundation will continue to give and love. Let’s cheer these kids on. 

Feedback from the Children’s Home


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