Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation continues with its donations to disadvantaged patients/families with burn injuries in Hualian and Taitung, despite the pandemic

Aug 12.2020 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

This year, since the severe pandemic breakout, many social welfare groups are seeing a huge decline in donations, and many more disadvantaged families are put on wage-less leave, suffering from job loss or reduced income. But Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, in the spirit of “feeling the pain as if it’s your own pain”, has reached out in time and helped the social welfare groups to keep their front-line services running to take care of the overlooked disadvantaged families due to the pandemic.

Wei Chang-Po, director of Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation Eastern Service Center (shortened to Sunshine), said, “Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has been working with Sunshine since last year offering subsidies for medical care, assistive devices, life rehabilitation, transportation and emergency financial relief to help the disadvantaged burn victims. Given the ravaging pandemic this year, the Foundation has carried on with its sponsorship. We are very thankful.” To help disadvantaged patients/families with burn injuries in Hualian and Taitung and allow patients with burn injuries to receive continuous and worry-free rehabilitation, the Foundation on August 12 donated NT$250,000 towards Sunshine’s rehabilitation service for patients with burn injuries as a gesture of support and help them regain hope.

The Foundation stated that the pandemic in the past six months, plus a reduction in companies and people’s spending budget, had drastically dampened the donations to social welfare groups that are however a part of key safety net of the social security. Without the service of the social welfare groups, the disadvantaged groups will suffer a double blow besides the pandemic. As such, the Foundation and Sunshine work together to promote physical and mental rehabilitation and safeguard the disadvantaged injured persons. Though the pandemic has affected the donations to social welfare groups. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation in its long-term dedication to the weak and vulnerable in our society will continue to invest resources and help social welfare groups keep offering their services in the post-pandemic era.