Hsinchu County Lovely Angel Voice Association

Apr 19.2021 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

Hsinchu County Lovely Angel Voice Association was founded by parents of children with hearing impairment and those with a loving heart to care for and assist with the education and employment of children with hearing impairment as well as providing them with early intervention in Hsinchu areas.

The Association is equipped with language classrooms manned by speech therapists to cater to those with limited resources. The goal is to help them build their cognitive abilities, oral expression, interpersonal interaction, and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing capabilities. Meanwhile, the Association runs promotional events, e.g., news by sign language, campus campaign, parent-and-child sign language, to get the general public to learn more about children with hearing impairment.

Last year the Association hosted a total of 246 early intervention sessions, benefiting 3,869 people, thus rendering an outstanding result. The oral expression of many children with hearing impairment has improved from simple sentences to complex ones, with their listening recognition abilities strengthened.

The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation’s chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, cheered the children with hearing impairment in person and stated that he’d continue to sponsor the early intervention courses. The Foundation and the Association will work together to guide children with hearing impairment into a world of voices and bring hope to their family.