The Foundation hosted a talk to help NPO catch attention

Sep 17.2019 | Charity Care Activities

NPOs mostly rely on their Facebook fanpage to transmit information, publicize events and raise funds. But they usually have little clue of the gender, age and whereabouts of their FB readers or followers and know little about what content to post to reap the best results. To help these NPOs keep track of their followers’ characteristics, the Foundation, Taiwan NPO Information Platform and Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) together on September 17 hosted a seminar, “Charity marketing: Deconstruct NPO network analysis”. The seminar covers how to read FB insight reports, behavior analysis of website browsers, and marketing strategies attracting over 40 groups from Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung to sign up.

The Foundation hosted three charity marketing seminars in 2019 alongside Taiwan NPO Information Platform. Seminar No. 1 “Innovative NPO new media marketing” was well received by social welfare groups in northern Taiwan. Subsequently, a charity group in southern Taiwan called in to express strong intention to take part. Seminar No. 2 “Deconstruct NPO network analysis” was held in Tainan as a result.

According to the Foundation, social welfare groups normally focus on giving social services and rarely have opportunities to receive network analysis training, let alone have the budget to pay for professionals or marketing companies to handle network analysis. They are often the ones penning the Facebook fanpage content. So we hope to improve Taiwan’s overall charity performance and for Taiwan’s NPOs to reap better results in fun-raising and transmission of charitable ideas through this series of seminars.

Bao Nian-Ci, Taiwan NPO Information Platform’s lecturer, said, “Facebook is widely used and almost all charity groups of any size would set up a Facebook fanpage. But how do you gauge the fanpage’s performance besides knowing the number of followers? What are the data to study? Do you know that the most basic Facebook insight report allows you to see what kind of people are reading your posts, and when they are reading the posts, and what posts do they like to read? Google Analytics is the most basic analysis tool suitable for all websites. As long as you have set up a website, you need to learn how to use the tool.

Zeng Ya-Li, secretary-general of Taiwan Rett Syndrome Association, said, “This seminar taught me what analysis tools I can use to help the association better identify whom our fund-raising should target in the future. I believe this will help improve our fund-raising results and benefit more families dealing with rare diseases.” Wu Jian-Ming, General Manager of Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan), stated, “Our hotel works with the Foundation on a long-term basis to provide a venue for numerous charity group training courses. The hotel also serves as a platform to help with fund-raising for charity groups in a bid to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Taiwan NPO Information Platform as a free online platform on which NPOs can list their events, publicize info to raise funds and supplies and seek volunteers. The Foundation has long been dedicated to the cultivation of social welfare groups’ marketing capabilities and has been running “Charity marketing seminars” since 2014, inviting specialists in media, start-up workers, and enterprise founders to share their managerial ideas. The goal is to instill innovative thinking into NPOs by leveraging business flexibility and continue to organize seminars in line with digital trends.