【One loving deed for multiple welfare groups】Bought 1,500 meal boxes from Little Happiness Social Welfare Foundation for other social welfare groups

Jul 13.2021 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

During the rampant pandemic, the level-3 alert persisted up to two months in Taiwan with over 10,000 infection cases and several hundred deaths. All businesses and sectors could only hang in there, and the welfare groups were faced with the worst crises ever as the donations plummeted like an avalanche.

The Foundation has been a long-term sponsor of the Little Happiness Social Welfare Foundation which mainly serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in New Taipei City and Keelung. Its Bear House bakery makes and sells cookies, bread, cakes and pastries to fund the LHSWF’s services and expenses, as well as training those with IDD to tout for business on the streets to nurture their confidence and dignity. During the level-3 alert, the foot traffic on the streets were next to none and the bakery sales went rock bottom, rendering the LHSWF the victim of the pandemic.

To reduce the management stress on the part of social welfare groups and for them to continue their services, the Foundation chairman, Wu Jing-Ming instructed the purchase of 1,500 servings of cakes, bread and cookies from the Little Happiness Social Welfare Foundation and then distributed the food to the following welfare groups: the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation that serves the homeless, the single mothers, and the social outcasts; the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation that serves the poor in a vegetative state; and the Holy Word Foundation Children’s Home that helps children and teenagers from abusive or negligent families. The idea is to do good deeds while helping the disadvantaged reaping the results of “One loving deed for multiple welfare groups”.

Keelung Genesis Social Welfare Foundation commented: Our nursing staff was very happy to receive such a warm gesture as during the pandemic, the infection has broken out in nursing homes all around us and so they go to work every day painstakingly careful and stressed. The news these days are all about the medical staff in hospitals, but actually the nursing staff in care institutions are bearing the brunt of the pandemic too. All friendly gestures to them would come as a great comfort.

The Children’s Home told the Foundation: the kids went wild on seeing the pastry packs which were quite sumptuous too. We all enjoyed the food. A huge thank you to the Foundation for remembering us and reaching out to the kids during the pandemic.

Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation said: due to the pandemic, many disadvantaged people living on the streets are finding it harder to survive. Thank you to the Foundation for distributing the meal boxes to close to 300 homeless people in New Taipei City, Taipei City and Keelung. Let’s carry on helping and supporting the disadvantaged groups in society.

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