Donated rescue equipment to Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association

Nov 17.2021 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

Natural disasters are constant across the globe. Year 2021 saw flash floods in Europe, heat waves in the west coast of North America and heavy rains in Henan, China. Natural disasters have not only caused environmental catastrophes but also seriously impacted the economy. In early 2020, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) issued the Green Swan alert, pointing out that the extreme impact caused by the large-scale climate change may exceed expectations, as has become an issue to be faced by all sectors.

Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association (TEIRA) is Taiwan’s only civilian group that trains and has rescue dogs, as well as possessing on-land and in-water rescue capabilities. It has garnered plenty of rescue experience having taken part in the rescue missions in 921 Earthquake, Typhoon Morakot Disaster, Kaohsiung Gas Explosion, Feb-06 Tainan Earthquake, and Feb-06 Hualian Earthquake. Their ongoing expansion with new team members meant insufficient equipment. The Foundation thus funded new automatic stop descendants, stretchers, fall arresters, labor-saving pulley sets, heavy-duty diving maintenance kits and other subsidies, with a view to keep them stocked up on their rescue capabilities in response to constantly occurring frequent disasters.

Whenever a severe disaster strikes, civilian rescue groups often show up for the rescue mission. But they often have to pay for their own equipment, transportation, food and accommodation. The rescuers may even have their income reduced from their day jobs. Additionally, the rescue team have to keep spending much of their own free time on training in order to be equipped with gear operating and professional rescue capabilities to cope with unexpected disasters.

The donation ceremony was conducted and led by the Foundation chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, who also delivered words of encouragement. The TEIRA secretary-general, Zhang Bin, representing his team expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s long-standing sponsorship and for Wu’s visiting the TEIRA in person to give the front-line volunteer rescuers warmest social support.

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