Funded Happy Wise Home Construction of St. Mary’s Hospital Taitung

Feb 10.2022 | Promote Senior Citizen Long Term Care

Founded in 1961, St. Mary’s Hospital Taitung has been serving eastern Taiwan for 60 years sparing no effort caring for disadvantaged low-income families in remote rural areas and received positive feedback from the general public for its service. The serious problems of aging population, increasing dementia among elders, and lacking 24-hour care institutions have for a long while placing a huge strain on the caregivers and the families. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation funded the construction of Happy Wise Home hoping to give the remote rural elders with dementia a suitably functional care home. St. Mary’s Hospital Taitung thanked the Foundation’s help which allowed them to better serve those in need and facilitate long-term care, hospice care and effectively improve the medical and health issues in Hualian and Taitung areas that had lacked medical resources.