Hualian Tribal Service Camp by the Department of Social Work at Tunghai University

Jan 22.2022 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Families in the city or with a decent income would often let their kids attend summer/winter camps for diverse extracurricular learning, whereas school children in remote rural areas, due to their disadvantaged social economic situations, often have fewer extracurricular resources and end up with low academic achievement and other social problems. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation subsidized the expenses of Tunghai University’s Social Work Department service camps in Hualian’s three tribes: Heping, Hezhong, and Heren conducting hygiene education, math, language and games, small trips on school children of various age groups. The goal was to supplement their educational resources, increase these remote rural kids’ life experience and boost their learning motivation so as to reduce the urban-rural disparity.