Hualian Faith Hope Love Academy

Mar 18.2022 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Not every child gets to grow up safe and happy in a functional family, sufficiently loved and provided for. Christian Born Anew Fellowship’s Hualian Faith Hope Love Academy (Academy) cares about troubled teenagers and keeps them company to stay clear of crime and reestablish their sense of right and wrong, plus multiple training to cultivate their independent living capabilities. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been funding the meals and character correction expenses of the Hualian Faith Hope Love Academy, offering the Academy youngsters with a balanced nutritional diet of vegetables, fruit, milk and protein, while giving them sports and physical training to elevate their resilience and perseverance and build sound values about life.

The Foundation’s long-standing observation shows that the youths at the Academy, given the teachers’ love, care and comprehensive systematic training, might opt for a military career, sit the exam for university admission, or enter the workforce in society after graduating from high school and they are usually able to adapt and integrate into society and support themselves. Children and teenagers are the future of the country. With the consistently increasing juvenile delinquency, there should be no delay in our preventative measures. The Foundation will continue to pour in resources to help these lost souls find their way back to society and nudge them towards positive growth and development to one day become a contributing member of society.