“No drugs for teens; Real heroes say no to drugs” charity basketball tournament

Mar 18.2022 | Youth without drugs, guarding happiness.

There are always new drugs coming out and drug use is becoming more common among young people. Hsinchu County Government and Rensheng Education Foundation recently joined forces and held a charity basketball tournament at Hsinchu County Stadium to promote the anti-drug awareness. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation was also invited to take part in this charity event. The exciting tournament attracted an audience of 2,000 students for free viewing. A good time was had by all. Before the tournament kicked off, Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wen-Ken together with Xuan Ming-Zhi, Vice Chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation, Wu Jing-Ming, Chairman of Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, and the Anti-Drug Ambassador, Bai Jia-Li, signed the anti-drug declaration stating their determination to fight against, fend off and say no to drugs.

The event brings the corporate world and charity groups together to sign the declaration, “No drugs for teens; Real heroes say no to drugs; Care about the vulnerable groups”. Meanwhile, to implement the anti-drug awareness to schools of all levels, New Taipei CTBC DEA of the T1 professional basketball league was invited to play a round of basketball game with Tongtex Secondary High School Basketball Team. Students from nearby elementary schools, junior and senior high schools in the neighborhood were all invited to watch the game. Exhibited on site are simulated illegal substances including emerging new drugs, e.g., Ketamine, MDMA, Marijuana that are often packaged as snacks and coffee sachets. The event was intended to be both informative and entertaining to keep the students informed of the danger of drugs and prevent them from misuse or being tempted.

The Foundation has long been offering emergency financial aid. Deeply aware of drugs can ruin a family in that parents are incarcerated leaving their kids to be brought up by grandparents, the Foundation spares no effort in promoting anti-drug awareness among teens and advocating anti-drug campaigns. To this end, the previous events run by the Foundation includes donating musical instruments to Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center hoping for drug abusers to quit using drugs through the power of music, plus several anti-drug music festivals; collaborating with Criminal Investigation Bureau and Police Broadcasting Service to release an anti-drug CD titled “Cheers to Youth”; and sponsoring teens to travel around Taiwan on a unicycle, hoping to awaken society to see the danger of drugs and stay away from drugs.