Funded construction of wheelchair access outside Ruth Society for Disability Services

Apr 27.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Against the backdrop of a vast meadow, a towering tree stands in the center and gentle sunshine streams through the tree and splashes onto the grass where people sit and chat or play under the tree.

Ruth Society for Disability Service (RSDS), a privately-run charity in Taoyuan, mainly serves and accommodates people with mental or physical disabilities offering them with school lessons, employment matching, training for work, home care matching service and consultation for caregivers. To create an obstacle-free environment, the RSDS hoped to install an outdoor wheelchair access platform under the tree within its compound to enable those with physical disabilities to access nature safely like all other people and experience and learn through sensory stimulation and break free from the confinement. On learning of this, the Foundation funded the full construction cost for the access platform and attended its launching ceremony. The RSDS residents thanked the Foundation with excellent cheerleading performance.

Chiu Chia-Huai, RSDS CEO, stated, “This banyan tree carries history and stories of kindness, and our activities are always held with the banyan tree in the center. But we never had a platform for the kids to get close to the tree, to lie down and rest. We are particularly grateful to Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for donating NT$150,000 to complete the dream of these kids with physical disabilities so that they can feel the rhythm of nature by lying down under the tree. The platform is not only for the able-bodied to lie down on and enjoy sunshine and shade but the wheelchair users can also do so watching the clouds and enjoying the breezes unconfined by the wheelchair.” "

The Foundation said, “In our first visit to RSDS we are surprised by how beautiful it is. We are happy to have this opportunity of funding the wheelchair access platform under the tree. Let’s hope that it will open up the view for the disabled people and unleash their imagination.” "

The Foundation has long been exploring the needs of those with mental and physical disabilities and giving them resources and care in a timely manner, besides supporting the promulgation of projects that improve their life quality and consistently delivering help to those who need it in all corners of society.