Sponsored R. O. C. Eye Association’s eye movement equipment and coaching system

Jun 29.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Typing on a computer keyboard which is merely one of the communication tools for most people is however the only communication device with the outside world for those with severe physical disabilities. R. O. C. Eye Association (MUVE NPO) offers Taiwan’s very first technology-based assistive devices: eye control software and eye movement coaching system with bespoke service, which involves a visit from an eye movement specialist who will give a one-on-one eye movement coaching to those with severe physical disabilities caused by cerebral palsy, polio, accident-caused physical paralysis or rare diseases and help them communicate with the outside world with both eyes or assistive devices for eye movement and regain their ability to express themselves.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, in its long-standing financial aid for Taiwan families in need of emergency care, discovers that many people with severe physical disabilities feel as if trapped in a body due to loss of speech or physical movement. They could sense their surroundings but cannot show any response, so they can feel left out and all alone. As such, the Foundation funded the eye movement coaching system and equipment to help the disadvantaged disabled people communicate by way of technology and eradicate the disparity in resources and bodily conditions. Seeing the beneficiary resuming communication through the eye movement assistive device and express oneself freely, the caregiver also felt immensely empowered. The Foundation finding the whole sponsorship quite rewarding shall keep up its charity work and carry on supporting those in need with action.

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