Funded Zhaoxing Social Welfare Foundation’s baking equipment

Jul 05.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Many people with intellectual disabilities are labeled since birth as incapable of taking care of themselves and some even consider it impossible for them to have the capability to work. But if taught the right way and with patience, the majority of them are able to learn a job skill, even earn a living and create their own unique value, not dependent on caregivers.

Zhaoxing Social Welfare Foundation’s auxiliary Zhaoxing Power Activation Center Star Bakery was set up to improve the hand-eye coordination and dexterity of those with intellectual disabilities through baking training. By producing all kinds of baked goods, they will receive an income and support themselves. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation funded two vertical cyclone convection ovens to replace the old equipment and help enhance the production capacity.

Hsu Pei-Kai, CEO of Zhaoxing Social Welfare Foundation, mentioned, “Thank you to the Foundation for all the support over the years, including medical financial aid for elders with Down’s syndrome, purchasing our Mid-Autumn Festival gift packs and the baking equipment this time to give our Down’s cuties more comprehensive care services. We are all very touched.” Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation stated, “We hope to help those with intellectual disabilities cultivate abilities to support themselves through baking training and to improve their sense of self value. The aim is to get them to become independent and support themselves and reverse the stereotype imposed on them by society.

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