Donated pandemic preventative supplies to Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Jul 06.2022 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

The pandemic continued to spread causing people in Taiwan lots of anxiety. The medical staff being at the front-line pandemic prevention had a mentally stabilizing presence and safeguarded our health. The confirmed cases had drastically increased in the past few months, rapidly expanding the medical supplies. Dealing with high-risk confirmed cases, the medical staff were constantly exposed to hazardous environments and thus required adequate pandemic preventative equipment in order to protect themselves and others.

As a thank you gesture, Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation donated 2,000 water-proof isolation gowns, 2,000 water-proof long-boot covers, and 10,000 N95 masks to Taipei Veterans General Hospital. The Foundation’s chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, delivered the above pandemic preventative supplies in person along with his staff to cheer on the medical staff.

Chen Wei-Ming, superintendent of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, expressed words of gratitude for the Foundation for delivering the supplies, saying “Love for the hospital staff is love for Taiwan. Putting on the protective garments is to protect ourselves, our patients and the families of our colleagues.” Taipei Veterans General Hospital received the highest number of confirmed cases while also supporting the mobile pandemic-preventive vehicle at Chang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and vaccination for children, as well as doing the unprecedented act of giving N95 masks to patients with low immunity, thus maximizing the value of these supplies, all in the spirit of “what is taken from Taiwan shall be returned to Taiwan”.

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