Pay it forward: pillow donation ceremony

Jul 15.2022 | Charity Care Activities

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation teamed up with all companies of the Evergreen Group to pool resources for those who need it. Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) had recently donated 100 down pillows and distributed through the Foundation to Veterans’ Service Department of Changhua and Love for All Association. The donation ceremony was held on the Ground Floor of the Hotel, attended by the Hotel general manager, Huang Zhi-Guang, Veterans’ Service Department of Changhua deputy director Chen Jie-Sheng and the Foundation’s senior coordinator, Liu Meng-Fen. As Love for ALL Association was in the middle of running a summer camp and could not make it to the donation ceremony, the Foundation and the Hotel delivered the pillows to the Association after the ceremony to save the Association’s after-school teachers the time and hassle of travelling back and forth and thus sparing more time for the school children under their care.

This batch of pillows were made available for donation due to the Hotel’s housekeeping department having to regularly renew the hotel bedding. The pillows were all in pretty good condition and the beneficiary veterans and disadvantaged families were all very happy to receive them, commenting that pillows from a five-star hotel would surely bring them a good night’s sleep.

The Foundation has intermittently in recent years matched up with the Evergreen Group’s hotels to distribute several thousands of second-hand bedding and cutleries to social welfare groups across Taiwan, thus maximizing the value of donated supplies, bringing love to vulnerable groups and sustainably reusing precious earth resources.