Narrowed the rural-urban disparity; Funded Love for All Association’s after-school lessons

Jul 15.2022 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Located in Taichung Beitun, near Daya and Tanzi Export Processing Zones, Love for ALL Association cares for children of indigenous families that have moved to the city for work. Such families lack resources and cannot afford to give their kids extra learning opportunities. The pandemic has dampened the donations, so the Foundation decided to pay them a visit the other day in addition to sponsoring their operation expenses.

The schoolchildren at the Association are mostly from indigenous families who have left their home to work in the city. Busy with work, these parents have limited educational resources for their kids who often end up with poor academic performance and an attitude problem. The Association provides them with a sumptuous meal and lessons after their school hours to improve their character and academic performance to hopefully end poverty at its source. The after-school lessons, as they are very well run, have received much recognition for their positive results. The Family Welfare Service Center of Taichung City Government’s Social Affairs Bureau has so far referred to the Association 45 schoolchildren from Renmei and Sizhangli Elementary Schools. Luckily the Foundation’s financial support has eased the burden slightly.

The Foundation’s senior coordinator, Liu Meng-Fen, along with Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) manager Chen Yi-Ru, visited the Association in person and chatted with the kids there amicably, as well as donating felt pillows, USB disks, stationery, and cookie gift packs. Everyone had a good time and felt loved by the Foundation and the Hotel.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been dedicated to education for disadvantaged children and now funded the Association’s after-school lessons through the “Narrowed the rural-urban disparity” project, hoping to support the front-line teachers in their selfless services to the school children born with insufficient resources offering them a shelter to shield from the storms.