Donate to Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation's Early Intervention Service Mobile Car

Aug 02.2022 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has been helping disadvantaged families throughout Taiwan for a long time and found that many children with developmental delays or mental and physical disabilities in rural areas often miss the golden opportunity of early intervention due to insufficient medical resources for early detection and treatment. Due to its vast area and limitations in terms of terrain and transportation, Hualien faces significant challenges that greatly reduce parents' willingness to take their children out for therapeutic and educational purposes. In order to promote early intervention in Hualien's rural areas, the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation has taken the initiative to provide early treatment services such as case-based early treatment, family support services, rural early treatment action stations, and rural early treatment community advocacy services to reach every corner of need.

The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation identifies with the urgency of early intervention in rural areas and immediately donated NT$1 million to Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation to help purchase an early treatment van and teaching aids to help get early treatment services in place quickly. The chairman Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, Wu Ching-Ming, also attended the ceremony and handed over the mobile van full of hope to the CEO of Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation, Ms. Chiu Chiong-Yuan, and cheered on the front-line staff. Looking forward to the future, it is hoped that this early intervention vehicle can traverse remote areas and go wherever there is a need, maximizing its benefits and safeguarding the early intervention journey of these children with special needs.

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