Funded rehabilitation for those with spinal cord injuries

Aug 17.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Every year in Taiwan, more than a thousand people suffer from spinal cord injuries due to various accidents that cause paralysis of the limbs or lower body, some of them need to use wheelchairs to get around for the rest of their lives, some need to rely on others to help them with their daily life, and some cannot even return to society and the workplace. This is not only a heavy blow to individuals and families, but also a huge cost to society.

The Taoyuan Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center, a foundation in Taiwan, is the only professional institution in the country that provides rehabilitation training for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Its main focus is to offer services for rehabilitating life functions and vocational skill training to individuals throughout Taiwan suffering from spinal related injuries. Through progressive steps in areas such as personal care, social adaptation, vocational rebuilding, and psychological counseling, the Center assists them in redefining their self-worth, building self-confidence, and ultimately reintegrating them into society.

Through the sponsorship of functional training programs, the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, in collaboration with the Center, helps people with spinal cord injuries rehabilitate physically, psychologically and socially, and strengthen their vocational skills so that they can return to the workplace or work at home, enhancing their quality of life and social values. The Foundation also visited the center to express concern for the spinal cord injury patients and encourage them to regain their dreams, find their familiar selves, and rebuild their lives again.

Mr. Yang-Bin Lin, Director of the Center, who is a spinal cord injury victim himself, shared from his own experience that when he first joined the center, he had to start from scratch and undergo training to rebuild his life, such as going to the toilet on his own, bathing, and lifting, getting his motorcycle license, and vocational training, etc. The journey has been extremely challenging, but it is through these experiences that he has been able to truly accept himself from the depths of his heart. He expresses deep gratitude to the Foundation for their wholehearted support, as they have become a driving force in protecting individuals with spinal cord injuries. The Foundation's care and support have filled the arduous path of rehabilitation for these individuals with hope.

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