Hi, Life! Elderly Travel [Taipei Veterans’ Home Mid-Autumn Care Event]

Sep 06.2022 | Promote Senior Citizen Long Term Care

As the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for more than two years, many elders stay at home for a longer period of time, which may lead to feelings of boredom, oppression or loneliness, and may have a negative impact on their mental health. As the pandemic gradually subsides, it is important to encourage seniors to go outside. Therefore, the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation and Taipei City Veterans Service Office invited about 80 senior citizens to head outside and visit the Evergreen Maritime Museum to experience the long-awaited leisure time and to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance.

The Evergreen Maritime Museum has a rich collection of various model ships, marine paintings and nautical instruments from all over the world. Through lively interpretations by the tour guides, they lead the elderly veterans to immerse themselves in the “ocean” of knowledge. There are also brand new multimedia interactive games, and many of the elderly are experiencing fun and interesting interactive games for the first time, a wide smile on their faces that haven't been seen in a long time. Mr. Chen, an elderly veteran, said that it has been a long time since he has gone out for a relaxing walk, and it is a blessing to get together to greet and care for each other. He hoped that the COVID-19 pandemic would fully subside soon so we can all return back to normal lives once again.

The Taipei Veterans Service Office extends special thanks to the Foundation for its warm support. Previously, they donated 500 rapid antigen test kits, providing appropriate protection for the frontline staff and vulnerable elderly veterans at the Veterans Service Office. This time, they also organized a Mid-Autumn Festival visitation activity, relieving the stress that the elderly have been experiencing due to the tense epidemic situation for several months. It allows everyone to readjust their mood and maintain a healthy mind and body.

In addition, the Foundation also prepared a nutritious breakfast for the participants during the activity, replenishing the elderly with vitality. At noon, Foundation provided the Evergreen Laurel Hotel's bento box, allowing the elderly to take it home and enjoy. The five-star, diverse menu options combined with the creative layout of the bento box not only provide a visual delight but also ensure a healthier and more nutritious meal for everyone.

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